This is the about page.

It tells you stuff about me.

About what I like, what I don’t like.

What I love to eat, but not so much about what I don’t love to eat, because there is not a whole lot that I won’t eat.

Anyway. I think it’s all irrelevant. To varying degrees.

Nothing really interesting, all in all.

But, sometimes, a note will be hit. And a song will harmonize with the wind.

It’s mostly a failed attempt at poetry.

And a pathetic grabble with Cinema.

Somedays it’s beautiful. Some days it’s ugly.

But ugly is not always ugly, and beautiful sometimes is ugly.

Anyway. Hi.




P.s. Pretension is very common, and cliches work. Just saying. Don’t quote me on this specific matter. But, post scripts is an art, perfected by Dave Wallace, and very much appreciated by yours truly. Rejoice. or not. I’m no Wallace. But, maybe that’s a good thing.


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