The Nature Of Water

She’s the girl 

To his boy

The ink to his pen

And the pen to his paper


The timing is all screwd up

He let her soul go

And it got tangled with another

But he knows


They belong together

The way two souls do

He and she

Him and her


once upon a time

He vanished

For being lost

Or some such non sense


It’s inexcusable 

Utterly horrible


She forgave him

And the waves left the shore


He was reduced

To sand grains

His life

A drying moment

Thirsty for his sweat heart

Sea water


But he forgot

That even the sea

With its perpetual revisits

To the shore

Must shrink sometimes 

When it’s winter

And the cold is inevitable


It’s scary 

And cold

And wet 

And dark


But the sun always

Shines again

And the waves always 

Come back


But he’s afraid 

That before his wave comes


Another might come

And pull the grains away

Into sea

And then she comes back

And he’s not there

Or he’s there

But she never comes back


But that’s the nature of the water

And the moon

And lovers


He thought


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