Piano Heartache And Weird Dreams

He learned to 

Play the piano 

To get distracted 

And forget her

But he became too good

And the sad songs

He played beautifully

Reminded him of her 

So he broke the piano

And never played again

And started taking

Programing classes

To wipe out his piano


And his life became a series 

Of ones and zeros

And that became all he saw

Until one day

He spent too many hours 

Staring at the screen

And those zeros

And for a second 

Reminded him

That her favorite number is zero

Because it’s the only number 

That’s not a number

And the one reminded

Him of what she was

He broke down and cried

Then went home

And slept

To turn his brain off

And forget her

Then he saw her in a dream

In which he killed himself

To end his miserable 


But then he woke up

And found that it was only 

A dream

He then 

Got dressed

And went to work

And ran into her

On his way there


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