Native Beauty

You know how artists

Be eating lunch

Having some interesting 


And all of a sudden

A certain combination of words

Strikes them in a certain kind of way

And they have 

An epiphany

A vision

And they rush to their room

To their desk

Scrambling for a pen 

And a piece of paper

To attempt and capture

A fraction of what that

Vision was

A small glimpse

Of the magnificence that could 

Never be captured in all its 

Brilliance and glory 



One day, before all of this

Existed, before the big bang

And the world wars

And the iphone


Was there one day

Before time existed


He had a vision


Only difference here 

Is that God is God

So he recaptured that vision

In all its native beauty 

and magnificent otherworldliness



One day

Before time clashed

With space

And birthed a continuum

God had a vision

And that vision


Is you


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