Not A Totally Miserable Day

As an exercise in pseudo philosophy, consider the following: happiness and misery not being the polar opposites of one continuum, but rather, each operate and is gauged on a continuum all their own, respectively.

As such, happiness relies not in doing what excites you the most but rather in what bores you the least. 

And the greatest happiness of all, therefore, is if and when the two coincide. But then, having established that as the greatest place to be, it is , logically, all down hell from there.

So, the way I see it, the misery is just a manner of way, shape, or form, and thus all present. But that is far from depressing, contrary to what an initial reading of that might seem to reveal.

If in fact it is all miserable no matter what, having embraced the fact, one’s life then becomes released from all pressures to be “happy”. 

Now, that, is where real happiness relies.

Unless of course its 95 degrees out, rainy, humid, and miserable. Then we are back to square one.

Sorry, I thought this would go some place better. Which proves my point I guess.

Anyway, thankfully its nice out today. 

Another day not totally ruined. 

I’ll take it.


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