The Quest For Life’s┬áMost Mysterious Truths

I’ve been trying to 

Study what she is

But there seems to be no answer

Only clues

And a whole bunch

Of speculation


But my gut tells me

That she’s

A universe of 


Of criss crossed


Ranging from 

The absolutely beautiful

To the 

Extremely neurotic


An endless equation 

Of unsolvable math

And lawless physics


She’s like science

Without the science

Like philosophy

But without all the metaphysics


Her eyes are

A whole new genre of fiction


her face 

The future

Her brain

A mystery 

So why even bother

Because the rest, 

As they say,

Is history


The Nature Of Water

She’s the girl 

To his boy

The ink to his pen

And the pen to his paper


The timing is all screwd up

He let her soul go

And it got tangled with another

But he knows


They belong together

The way two souls do

He and she

Him and her


once upon a time

He vanished

For being lost

Or some such non sense


It’s inexcusable 

Utterly horrible


She forgave him

And the waves left the shore


He was reduced

To sand grains

His life

A drying moment

Thirsty for his sweat heart

Sea water


But he forgot

That even the sea

With its perpetual revisits

To the shore

Must shrink sometimes 

When it’s winter

And the cold is inevitable


It’s scary 

And cold

And wet 

And dark


But the sun always

Shines again

And the waves always 

Come back


But he’s afraid 

That before his wave comes


Another might come

And pull the grains away

Into sea

And then she comes back

And he’s not there

Or he’s there

But she never comes back


But that’s the nature of the water

And the moon

And lovers


He thought

The Story Of Her Face

In her eyes

You see a thousand years 

Of living

And giving

And loving

A thousand years

Of melancholy


Her lips tell you stories


They move

Without sound 


You hear her heart beat

Knocking the doors of yours

And finding no answer


Why do we all do it

Learn from it

But then fall for the same 

knock on the door

Which makes her run to it


She opens it

And no one is standing there


It was a tree 

Flirting with a window

In the darkness of the night

The darkness of the heart


A million days go by 

And still

Her ancient eyes tell 

The same story


The story of a wounded heart

And a soul

Longing for a breath

A Very Short Story, Long

All around the world

All the different places

Inside all the pillows

Beside all the toasters

Under all the trees

And above all the roof tops

There was this feeling

Attached to a human body

And the feeling

Was mysterious

And the body belonged to a brain

Inside that brain

There lied millions of synopses

And all of those synopses

Light up 

When she shows up

In a dress

Or in pajamas

And he realized

At that moment

That life can be very long

But she compressed time

By showing him

The meaning of a hug

A Fluffy cloud On Top Of The Sky

Imagine a long day

Where you went to work


For a full day


Hosted a big event

Escorted your guests

And made sure they felt at home

Then drove out of work

For 30 minutes 

To your gym

And played an intense game of squash for 45 minutes, then a game of badminton for 20 minutes

Then showered and got dressed

And left to go buy chocolates for a friend’s birthday party

And you talked to a lot of people

And it was nice

But at the same time emotionally


Then on the way home your friend called to complain about her life and her recent break up

Then you get home to eat

And rewind

And finally you get to your comfy bed

And fluffy pillow

And you bury your head in it

And feel the cool refreshing feel of the cotton on your face

And how now everything seems like every thing will be okay

And you feel okay

That’s how it feels 

When I hold her hand

Like my head on a cottony cloud

Floating in bless

Headed for heaven

And ready to fall into sweet dreams bliss

That’s how her hand on my cheek feels

Eternal commune of lovely souls and the perfect temperature