The Great Muse

The search for the truth

We’re all out there looking for it
Good old truth.
But then
Something happens
Some continue the search
Some get tired and give up
Some were never looking for it to begin with
And some start out good but get tired by the wind
The search for a truth
That’s what we’re out there doing
The ones who mean to anyway
We like to say that we are truth seekers
Its sounds so … So … whats the word
Until the shit hits the fan
The truth is the shit
And before it hits the fan
It passes by these little tiny threads of belief
That’s us
Because we hang between the shit
And the fan
It’s all very heroic and elegant
And poetic
And then
The shit hits the fan
Passing us by
Hitting us
As we transform
From truth seeking vessels
To individuals
Hanging by
Getting slapped in the face
By the arm of the truth
On its way
To becoming this beautiful
Shit covered
In the the form of a
That calls itself
The muse
The great muse

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