There is a phenomenon called “The Fuck It Syndrome”. It’s a mental state that occurs when the brain encounters a situation that it very well knows that was going to happen but it convinced itself that it won’t. It’s the psychological state of both relief and shock that happens at the same exact time. Thus, in coping with such complicated and disorienting occurrence the brain goes “Fuck It.” to conserve energy and prevent emotional explosions.

The mind’s ability to do that is the reason sane people stay sane, and the lack of which, is why insane people go insane.

The main advantage of this condition is it affords a person the luxury of enjoying the remaining of a day, even after encountering certain people that necessitate such defenses, rather than spending the first half of the evening breaking plates in one’s kitchen and the latter half cleaning said kitchen.

Knowledge is knowing what it means to give a fuck. Wisdom is knowing when not to give any.

Happy Fucking Friday.


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