A Life Marvel of A Prick

I am a sophisticated jerk

A sensitive asshole

An elegant slop

An undeserving lucky bastered

A feminist pig 

An unmagnificent significant other

A loved one not loving

A cherished piece of shit

A glorious moron

A Fantastic dickhead

A beautiful idiot

And a magnificent Motherfucker


Also known as 

A man

Who loves a women

Who loves him more

And thinks he’s a sophisticated jerk

Undeserving of a loving kiss

He will get anyway


She’s an angel

Of the heavenly kind

A beautiful thing

A magical creature

The element of love

The components of sexy

And the total of her


He knows it

She knows it


It’s non sensical 

And kind of ridiculous

And in mostly absurd ways 

Very logical


And as the only acceptable conclusion

Is largely irrelevant

This exercise seems superfluous

Much like her attempt in trying to make an honest man out of him

And him trying to make a sensible woman out of her


He is everything he can be

And she’s everything he can hope for 


And this, whatever this is, was a rather funny study in the manners which we can’t control 

And the happenings we can’t prevent 


All I have to say

Is the fact that 

She is a dream

And he

A man asleep


And much like dreams

You can interpret them all you want

They always seem like a plane landing


But coming to a safe stop

To the relief of everyone aboard


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