The Law Of The Universe

One day

It all became apparent 

The great muse

The law of the unvirse 

And everything else

You wake up

And everything is everything

Then you go to sleep

And nothing is anything

Life begins

Life ends

And the in between

Is none of those things

Different shapes

Different colors

The different color

Are different shades

And for a unicorn

Life is as hard as it is 

For a donkey

Because those with tails

Will always have tails

Even if the tails are colored

Glass doors

Brick walls

And concrete in the place of a window

Then that same day

You take a turn

Signal for one way

But take another

And everyone is thinking

“What the hell is he thinking?!”

And Despite everything

The traffic

The weather

The rejections

All you can think


“The color of sky is cool today.”

And what was once a beginning

Now becomes the end

The great muse

The Law of the universe

And everything else


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