A Brief Visit To Space

Once or twice a week

Or on an as needed basis

I’ll walk towards the cold jacuzzi

In the gym

And I’ll trick myself into thinking

That I’m just going to dip 

My toes in

Just to see how freezing

The water is

And I’ll tip my toes 

And a little of my foot

And even more than 

I was expecting

The water will be 

The temperature of 

The cold part of hell

Which was created for satan

Because he was created from 


I’ll tip my toes

And before my brain looks 

Back at me

I’ll jump in

And all my mental faculties

Will rush into the engine room

To fight hypothermia

And for exactly four whole


I will completely forget 

All about 


Complete silence

And utter momentary


A black hole

Like in space

A vacuum

Like all the thoughts

In my head

Have moved into a far away land

And what’s left

Is a big empty house

And the afternoon sun light

That shines on the dusty

Wood floors

The faint echo

Of a ticking clock

I raise my head out

Faster than a car crash

And the rest of my body follows

I climb the small steps

Leading up to land 

And a water fall bursts from my shoulders

And I slowly

Find my way back 

To my own consciousness

And then

I see her


And realize how much

I’ve missed her 

And I promise to never

Jump into that freezing

Cold water again

Until two days later

When I’ll desperately need to


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