Across The Sky

I am running


A Cliff

And I can’t see anything

Beyond my 

Own nose

Let alone

The cliff

Or the abyss


The cliff

In itself is just 

Rock formations

That took lifetimes

To be eaten away

Year after year

Ice age after

Ice age

And you can’t see 




And it’s black

And white

And beige

And grey.

And below

It could be

The clearest bluest


Or just 

More rocks.

And I will



To my demise

Or fly 

And never look back.

It’s raining

And cold

And dark

But I feel warm


Deep inside

And the voice inside my head

Is saying

“Writing poetry

Won’t give you wings!”

And all I can think is

“Fuck you, man!”.

And beyond

The page

And the ink

Stands the cliff

Looking at me

And I’m looking at the sky

And the sky reads

Her name

And I’m running

And running

And the cliff turns into

A metaphor

And this poem falls

Off the edge

And I jump


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