The Coilision of Destinies of Past and Present


You go 

And you try

Because that’s all you’ve got

There was this thing


This you

That you

And there isn’t any more

It’s like

Day and Night

Now it’s day

Then it’s night

Then it’s day again

Just like you

And now

You know that

And there isn’t anything 

to be done

or said


The fact that it’s a feeling, resulting from a time when you felt another way that is no longer there

So you let go

And you succeed 

And you look success in the face

Because that’s it

It’s you and success now

Alone in a room

And you look him in the face

And say



When You Run Into Yourself

It’s as if someone else

Wrote all of it

The good lines

The bad lines

And the lines that are not so good

Nor so bad


A sense of displacement 

Of physiological detachment

And metaphysical aloofness

You see you in there

But it’s like someone else

Looking at you

One day you walked down a street


You walk down that street again today

And you see you

Walking down this very sidewalk

That day

And you look at you

Like you recognizes you

But you don’t wanna say hi


You haven’t said hi 

In a while

And if you say hi now it’s awkward 

What will you say after that

A sensation of the self

A psychological test of duality

Of a never ending realization

Of a never ending realization

In the end

You say fuck it

And you say hi

And what you feared

Happens exactly

Now what

The Space Continuum of Time

It’s funny how some moments collide

With other moments

Refusing the harmony of time

And the relentless fight

For the inevitable 

– – –

They collide

But never resist 

The urge to follow

Whatever the price 

Of the continuation of perpetual continuity into the realm of never ending Moments



Love And Poetry

They say love

Makes you write poetry

And beautiful verse

About the universe

And everything that is lovely

Not me

Nothing is coming out

It’s paralyzing my pen

And my paper longs for

A touch

You can’t force poetry

Or a soul to love another

When they’re scared

But Lovers will always 

Ask their love to love them


Despite the hurt

And the pain 

Because now they know

And things will never be left unsaid

Kisses un-had

Or walks un-taken

Love me again 

My darling

They will say

And I will love you 

Until the sun runs out of light

And the moon

Runs out of purpose 

Broken Hearts

She was the most beautiful thing 

he’d ever seen. 

He was just another guy 

astonished by her beauty. 

Only with a gaze that pierced her soul.


Unbeknownst to both of them, 

although quite predictably within the 

culture of love stories, 

both their hearts wound up broken.

Although, and as always, not for a likely 


Writing About Not Writing

I miss writing


Making lines go together


I don’t even know


It was good while it lasted

A good run

We had together

Maybe it’s like spring


But comes only once a year

Or like pancakes


But comes once every couple

Of weeks

I only hope

That It’s not like a lover


But comes once

In a lifetime

If I’m lucky

It will be like rain

Comes when I need it

And when it doesn’t come for so long

I’ll still have a glimpse 

Of hope 

In the back of my head

That it will come eventually

Otherwise everything dies

If things are to live

It must rain

It has to